Economic Development

DAfB strives to provide basic humanitarian assistance to isolated people in rural village regions. During natural catastrophes, such as the flooding in Bangladesh and during global pandemics, such as the COVID-19 crisis, DAfB provides relief and assistance, to the most vulnerable members of society. Health camps are set-up by DAfB to bring doctors and medication to villages and local communities. As arsenic is a barrier to healthy water supply, we take initiatives to provide clean drinking water to the community.

DAfB’s next initiative will be in promoting local entrepreneurship and innovation. The increased digitalisation, even in the most rural parts of Bangladesh presents a new and vast opportunity for small-level entrepreneurs to thrive and market their products to the world. DAfB will aim to financially, logistically and strategically support local entrepreneurship in rural Bangladesh. This path will enable many people to receive a sustainable income. 

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Promoting economic activity, cooperation and welfare in rural regions of Bangladesh. 

Economic Activities