Humanitarian Relief

DAfB strives to provide basic humanitarian assistance to isolated people in rural village regions. During natural catastrophes, such as the flooding in Bangladesh and during global pandemics, such as the COVID-19 crisis, DAfB provides relief and assistance, to the most vulnerable members of society. Health camps are set-up by DAfB to bring doctors and medication to villages and local communities. As arsenic is a barrier to healthy water supply, we take initiatives to provide clean drinking water to the community.

Humanitarian relief efforts need to reach those that are in dire need of it. Our local team of volunteers aims to identify the problems and issues facing our community. The climate crisis has had a severe impact on many Southeast Asian countries and Bangladesh is among the ones that have been hit severely. Humanitarian relief efforts become even more necessary during these flooding seasons, when thousands of people are forced out of their homes and dwellings.  

Menu Category

Offering humanitarian relief and food packages during the annual floods, during Ramadan and the Eid celebrations. 

Humanitarian Relief